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Which of the following authors did Neil Gaiman say inspired his work?

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Gaiman has said that the "masters of mysteries and suspense" were guides in his writing journey.

True or False: Gaiman began his career by writing comic strips

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His first published works were comic strips and short scale graphic stories.

True or False: He worked for Marvel comics for a short time.

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He was actually hired by D.C. comics and wrote a limited series for them entitled "Black Orchid."

What is Gaiman's most popular novel?

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His children's novel, Coraline, was hugely successful and pushed him to fame. This story was even reproduced as a popular children's film.

True or False: Gaiman loves using classical allusion in his works.

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He loves fashioning his characters after classic characters from Shakespeare and mythology! When a reader is looking with a trained eye, they can see traces of famous works intentionally woven throughout his fanciful stories.