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For what is Chantal Sutherland known?

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Chantal Sutherland is a Canadian model, television personality and jockey in North American Thoroughbred horse racing.

Where is Sutherland from?

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Sutherland grew up in the Toronto, Ontario area, where her father Hugh operated his own horse farm.

How many career racing wins has she had?

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To date, Sutherland has won an amazing 1060 races, but she is still going strong!

True or False: Sutherland gained celebrity status on a reality tv show.

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False Animal Planet aired a T.V. show called “Jockeys” for two seasons, and Sutherland was featured. She gained a lot of notoriety during the show.

True or False: Sutherland was chosen as one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

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After her time on her reality show, Sutherland gained a lot of lucrative deals because of her good looks. She has been featured multiple times in Sports Illustrated, been on the cover of Vogue and was voted one of People’s “100 Most Beautiful People.” She has also recently been selected to be the face of a new beauty product line.

Today's Quiz - 05/05/22